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Hacking Sites
Hacker Site
Security and Encryption
  • Hacker News Network - news about computer security and information warfare. Covers government and military, ecommerce, and hacking news.
  • Hacker's Ethic, The
  • Hackers Underground - collection of hacking and phreaking utils.
  • hacktivism - an e-mail list for posting news or analysis about hacking and activism.
  • Quebec Hacker's Alliance
  • Baby Hacker's Homepage

    Hacking by Mitnick Kevin
  • Novell Netware hacking programs - Collections of programs for hacking networks. You sure want to get supervisor rights, don't you ?
  • Poulsen, Kevin
  • Rootshell - allows users to search for exploits and find the latest in the security world.
  • Worldwide Piracy Initiative - news, resources, and archives of: forbidden information, hacking culture, and cyberpunkery

  • alt.2600/#hack
  • How To Become A Hacker - FAQ written by Eric Raymond.
  • Unofficial Netware Hack v6
  • Unofficial NT Hack v2
  • Unofficial Web Hack v3

    Hacked Websites
  • 2600's list of Hacked Pages
  • Archive of Hacked Websites
  • ATTRITION Web Page Hack Mirror - hundreds of hacked sites mirrored for reference and posterity sake.
  • Department of Injustice - hackers explain why they don't like censorship on the 'net.
  • Free East Timor - Fascist Republic of Indonesia - hackers respond to Indonesia in East Timor, from 1997.
  • Hacker News Network Cracked Pages
  • Media Examples of Security Breaches - contains examples of Web security breaches that have occurred in government, the military, academia and industry.
  • New York Times
  • Not Hackers - real hackers respond to the Hollywood film "Hackers".
  • Hacked Net Archive - Yahoo Hack - view text of exploit.
  • PANTS R00LZ : H4G1S R00LZ

    Hackers' Page
  • Active Matrix's Hideaway - Hundreds of hacking links, text files on phreaking, unix, newbie tutorials, and security bugs, privacy information, programming, essays, and more.
  • CatMan's Lair - contains various information links regarding hacker research & entertainment.
  • Cosmos' Underground
  • Cukoo's Phishing Page - offers downloads and advice on hacking and phishing.
  • Don't Call Me CYBER, Punk. - Drive-By Shootings on the Information Superhighway. Furnace Records, Industrial Music and Culture, Hacking, Network Info, Novell, Psychoactive Drugs.
  • Hacker's Paradise - in Russian.
  • Illuminati - Good hacking, phreaking, demo-coding site for beginners.
  • - security tools, exploits, reading, and links from Fyodor.
  • L0pht Heavy Industries - local page devoted to hacking.
  • La pagina de Eduardo del Valle
  • Nitemare - Dark Soul's H/P/A/C/V/W site.
  • Poulsen, Kevin - Switch Room - one of the most famous hackers.
  • Pri$m's Domain

    Hacking IRC
  • IRC Hacking []

    Hacking Organizations
  • 2600 Australia - includes mailing lists and meeting information.
  • AntiOnline - archive of hacking related materials. Everything from file archives to its very own zine.
  • Dismembered Youth Corps, The
  • Drink Or Die
  • Hacker's Defense Fund, The - assists those accused of computer and related crimes find lawyers to defend them in court. We do not support or condone illegal activities.
  • Hackerlink Indonesia - Indonesian hackers' group. Site is in Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Hackers Associated Online - there's a new power emerging on the World Wide Web...
  • Infected
  • International Information Retrieval Guild (IIRG) - since 1982, The IIRG has been providing information for the hacking, phreaking, and survivalist community, Phantasy Magazine, Cybertek and Modern Surivor.
  • Mystic Mayhem HQ
  • Nomad Mobile Research Centre
  • South African Hacking Community
  • TACD - Totally Alcoholic Computer Dorks - eleet lamers who drink too much.
  • Team Moohaha - rc5des cracking team.

    Hacking Web Directories
  • Astalavista - daily updated search engine monitoring hundreds sites with hack & crack stuff.
  • Internet Underground, The - What They Don't Want Us to Know.
  • WebFringe
  • World's Greatest Hacking Links

    Hacking History
  • History of Cap'n Crunch
  • Brief History of Hackerdom, A
  • Hacker Historical Shrine - a brief introduction to hacking history.
  • Hackers' Hall of Fame - the most famous hackers and crackers.
  • History of Hacking
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